VET-WELL project aim is to develop a comprehensive wellbeing support programme for VET staff, which is based on the rationale that:

  •  Teacher wellbeing is a complex construct with multiple dimensions: cognitive (self-efficacy), psychological (emotional regulation), social (collaboration and collegiality), and physical (working conditions);

  •  Improving teachers’ wellbeing requires strengthening of the skills and abilities to manage their own wellbeing (e.g. self-awareness, empathy, interpersonal relationship, stress management, conflict resolution) and to tackle their work effectively (e.g. efficacy in classroom management, instruction and student engagement);

  •  The culture and environment of a VET school have a profound influence on teachers’ wellbeing. Thus, a wellbeing support programme for VET teachers should be part of a whole school approach to wellbeing promotion, involving positive leadership practice, stress-free and inclusive environment, students’ wellbeing, and proactive engagement with families and the community.