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Interactive Self-Reflection and E-learning Tool

The VET-WELL intellectual output 3 will consist of two parts:

  • Development of the content and coding of the Self-Reflection Tool;
  • Creation of an e-learning environment and integration of O2 Professional development programme into it.


The VET-WELL Self-Reflection Tool will represent a web-based instrument allowing VET teachers to reflect upon the skills, which could help them manage their wellbeing and improve their self-efficacy in the classroom. Based on O1 results, the Self-Reflection Tool will be structured in accordance with the groups of selected skills. It will consist of reflective and problem-based questions, rooted in the context of VET teachers’ day-to-day duties and involving reference to stressors they encounter in their work. Depending on the types of questions agreed, appropriate response options will be provided. The scoring scheme and score-based feedback will also be developed.